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Smallpools - Dreaming (Official Video)

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Debut album from Smallpools, LOVETAP!, out now. Get it on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/LOVETAP?IQid=yt Listen on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LOVETAPs?IQid=yt Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/LOVETAPa?IQid=yt Google Play: http://smarturl.it/LOVETAPg?IQid=yt Follow Smallpools: https://www.facebook.com/smallpools https://twitter.com/smallpools http://instagram.com/smallpools http://smallpoolsmusic.com/ (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment #Smallpools #Dreaming #Vevo
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Text Comments (7748)
ーイチロー (2 hours ago)
borini! how are you????
DeanRG (4 hours ago)
Most underrated Fifa song
rvnd (8 hours ago)
Great memories fifa 14 :'(
Lucho Martin (13 hours ago)
Para siempre FIFA 14 :'( En la memoria de todos...
Sam Hardy (20 hours ago)
My first fifa😍
Ryan'sMG TV (22 hours ago)
by far the best soundtrack in any Fifa
Leon Davinci (22 hours ago)
The Video is so lit
Dan The man (1 day ago)
rip fifa 14
Tinoe Makuwe (1 day ago)
nomatter how you patch your fifa this track is always there #2019 thing
Flashy (1 day ago)
This song is amazing! I still listen in 2019! :D
QuantumPxLSe (1 day ago)
Jesus fifa 19 and still no better song
Vasco Pereira (1 day ago)
Anyone bc of Pollersbeck instead of fifa 14?
Jantoox (1 day ago)
Fifa 14...💔
Crasher TGR (2 days ago)
I had fifa 13 and this song was in it as well
Akil King (2 days ago)
Amazing song fifa has the best
TalkL.F.C madT.V (3 days ago)
Fifa 14 gang? EA really need to make fifa 20 soundtrack as similar to 14 as possible, especially coz fifa 19 is shit
Colin Barker (9 hours ago)
fifa 19 is not shit wowwwww
Tigran Hakobyan (3 days ago)
What a year. FIFA 20 at the door but still getting emotional from listening to this.
Superdoo987 (3 days ago)
Tryna sign Ronaldo for Aston villa with this banger playing
Dennis Glenister (4 days ago)
2019 and still best fifa song going
Yer da Sells beef (4 days ago)
Aditya Gad (5 days ago)
FIFA 14 memories 🥰
Akib Boss (5 days ago)
i dont play fifa
youssef hisham (5 days ago)
best fifa song for all time :D <3
Lalo Esparza (5 days ago)
I miss michael jackson :'( oh, and FIFA 14 too
KittenishHat71 (5 days ago)
FIFA 14 nostalgia, love that.
Chloe Baker (6 days ago)
FIFA 20 is nearly out and I’m listening this song of fifa14
James Hennessey (6 days ago)
Azcazey06 (8 days ago)
I remember geting relegated in pro clubs and going back to the lobby then this banger came on... I fellt like i was dreaming
Los Pollos (8 days ago)
Start FIFA 14 - Playing Dreaming - Hype
Gabriel Pinheiro (9 days ago)
FIFA 14 feelings ❤️
notyour darling (10 days ago)
Anybody here from the Vacuum vine?
callum macdonald (10 days ago)
Oft them FIFA 14 feels! When life was simple! 😂👀❤️
Helgi Þór (10 days ago)
Man........ FIFA 14 was the best!
Charles Lantzy (11 days ago)
Fifa 10-16 had the best soundtracks
Cieronix (11 days ago)
For some reason this song use to play literally everytime I was looking for a 200 coin contract 😂😂
Tanukii (9 days ago)
goosebump right mate ? Oh memories...
Konrad Konkelbär (12 days ago)
I still remember my insane squad on that world cup game mode
Konrad Konkelbär (9 days ago)
I'm sure everybodys lives peaked summer '14
Ridwan (12 days ago)
What is Zack Sabre Jr. doing in the thumbnail?
João Marcos (12 days ago)
Saudades FIFA 14
OxhamzaxO 2002 (12 days ago)
IJ13 Yt (13 days ago)
Doing rainbow flicks in the practice arena😞
Arabi CR (14 days ago)
Man life was so much better back then, i never wanted to sleep and i was always looking forward to wake up and play fifa 14😂
Demolion951 (12 days ago)
Every day I went over to my cousins house to play FIFA 14 or he came to mine. Had exams at the time as well, but I didn't give a shit, I just couldn't stop playing. My favourite FIFA of all time
Jackson Free fire (14 days ago)
Que saudades do FIFA 2014
BrayanVargas 7u7 (14 days ago)
La del FIFA 14 :0XD
Canary Catch-Up (14 days ago)
Classic FIFA Tune
Eduardo (15 days ago)
Popped up in my recommended and now I’m crying #FIFA14
Caitlinmorrisxx (15 days ago)
Fifa14 had the best soundtrack
MDLinks (15 days ago)
I'm here because of FIFA
jalü 1887 (16 days ago)
Hi John höfermamm
get rekt (16 days ago)
this is where tik tok got transitions from
Ibragim bear (16 days ago)
И опять я здесь FIFA 14 one love
TheRealPepe Trump (16 days ago)
Klasik Rock (18 days ago)
song that make me feel like im a winner when playing FIFA 14😂 [#]bringmebackthat2014nostalgia😢
Sponge Pods (18 days ago)
2019, fifa 19 is a disappointment all around, fifa 14 servers have been deactivated, can’t go back to the good fut times smh😕
El vato del barrio (18 days ago)
June 2019 and still playing FIFA 14...... On the Wii
¡Leths! :v (9 days ago)
PS2 jaj. :(
Michael Wanda (15 days ago)
The real OG
Ariq Zachry (18 days ago)
June 2019?? I miss the feeling of playing fifa 14 when i was child 💔
zebra zero (5 days ago)
BiG Pimp (9 days ago)
Dexter Morgan crazy days
Dexter Morgan (9 days ago)
Jamie Mannell same mate
BiG Pimp (9 days ago)
best year of my life
Demolion951 (12 days ago)
@Jamie Mannell yep. Absolutely class all throughout
H4M53 (19 days ago)
2k dislike is from Pes fans
DRAKESY (19 days ago)
I'm from the year 3019, & this song is still just as good! THANK YOU FIFA 14!
Arturo Vidal (19 days ago)
The best fifa ever I remember hours and hours spending on buying and selling players so I can win the triple crown...nostalgiaa
Sponge Pods (18 days ago)
Arturo Vidal so true and had this song on replay 😕
OliverGilhooly (20 days ago)
Im gonna cry
Xalid Ismayilov (21 days ago)
1:41 Hugo Lloris
sniperlad182 (21 days ago)
FIFA’s shit 😂😂😂
rekigames 21 (21 days ago)
Fifa 14 has and will have the best soundtrack ever
Nastrav (21 days ago)
Good old days
Naraj 85 (21 days ago)
Came here from fifa 14
Spicy Mango (21 days ago)
When I bidded on matic for 2k and lost it
Rahul Kumar (21 days ago)
Throwback!! FIFA 14!!
Mitchell Bwfc (21 days ago)
One of the best songs to ever go on any Fifa
Eoin Brennan (22 days ago)
Skipping to January transfer window vibes
Glen Opoku (17 days ago)
Lmao 😂
Willian Games (22 days ago)
The best Song Fifa!
GÉT RĖKT (22 days ago)
I know this song from roblox kick off game
GÉT RĖKT (22 days ago)
sOmE kId I record it and I hear the song and I search it up on yt
GÉT RĖKT (22 days ago)
sOmE kId me too
sOmE kId (22 days ago)
Lol kiddo I’ve known this song from kickoff since 2016
Mitanshu Ingole (22 days ago)
FIFA 14 😍
Daniel Negash (22 days ago)
fifa 13-15 had the best soundtrack 😌
John Neves (15 days ago)
Daniel Negash straight facts
Ryan O Neill (23 days ago)
Packed mata united card to this
Igor Alexandre (23 days ago)
FIFA 14❤😍
Evolution (23 days ago)
One of the best waterproof mobile advertisement I've ever seen
Nicolas Snouffer (24 days ago)
Ahhh the feels from the past😌
NeCkeR (24 days ago)
FIFA 14 <3
Spider Channel (24 days ago)
Still here in 2019! God i miss fifa 14 and 2014!
Sponge Pods (18 days ago)
Spider Channel too true 😕
James Madden (24 days ago)
2019 still can't name a better FIFA song
Fabio Fab i o Fabio Fab i o Fabio Fab i o Fabio Borini
Raza Iqbal (25 days ago)
The good ol days of fifa 14😭
Official 180Se7en (25 days ago)
I’m not crying, you are 😕
lsheanesu Chagonda (26 days ago)
Hello Fifa OANs since 2014
chris wachira (26 days ago)
Fifa 14 😁
Jerry Arwin (26 days ago)
I’m here because of FIFA 14
Blend Zeka (26 days ago)
I’ll always be back. FIFA14 <3
Tyrone Yeet (26 days ago)
This shit brings back hella memories
Abdullah Siddique (26 days ago)
Fifa 14 guy's where you at......
Salihin Sabah (26 days ago)
Thats 1 minute, see you tmr!
Mark Kinyua (26 days ago)
When you would just run back to open FIFA 14 and your biggest problem was if your pad was working 😪
Bob (26 days ago)
I turned on fifa 14 because i had so much emotions with this game but then i recognized that it's actually shit lol
Imanol Cornejo (27 days ago)
who’s here from 2019?
Davi Borges (27 days ago)
Eterno FIFA 14 , agora só resta na minha memória
Rodrigo dantad (27 days ago)
i love song
James m. (27 days ago)
2:19 When you see Argentina , Barcalona and it’s Mascherano
Splitz2D (28 days ago)
When you get relegated be like "oh no please god tell me we're dreaming"
555666 (28 days ago)
Ahhh FIFA 14, the last good FIFA.
Timothy Sichone (29 days ago)
FIFA 14 is still the best because of this song
crosses101 (29 days ago)
FIFA 14 best sound track😎👍🏽

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