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The Forger's Masterclass - Ep.10 - Paul Cézanne

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April Marie (7 days ago)
Male student has Bradley Cooper features. I think all three had a great crack at it 👏
Mega Supertramp (9 days ago)
Why does this girl who graduated didnt paint for years?? Todays art school are garbage.
Renzo (1 month ago)
As I listen to Myatt speak to this trio of artists, I’m struck with how difficult it is to talk about art with people who don’t have much experience using paint. It would have helped, I think if he had shown them a photo of the scene Cézanne saw as he painted. The provenčal landscape with the mont San Victoire in the distance.
Uncle Monkey (2 months ago)
Blown away! Each had there strengths. Prefer the landscapes to the sitters and portraits in the series.
Bris Vegas (3 months ago)
great effort all round, impressed :)
Pretty Pierette (6 months ago)
Such a clever guy........ so happy he's doing it all legitimately now........
miroporvos (7 months ago)
tcht, pfewt, joof, joof joof... psht, pft... there it is. You see it?
miroporvos (7 months ago)
Bev actually did very well, I think.
John Burman (7 months ago)
What have I learned about why Cezanne painted in this way. Why not take a bike mechanic and ask him to built a Rolls Royce engine - I don't get this. A forgers advice is line a prostitute teaching children how to love.
Mr Gadget (9 months ago)
Wow! I can't believe what these amateurs were able to achieve in such a short time. For me, the tattoo-artist's painting was the best but all of them were really, really good!
Artist Miranda (9 months ago)
5 canvas would be ideal for me to make this lovely landscape!
Al Sielicki (10 months ago)
Aleksander Sielicki Toronto 2o18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6WzR_pkE8U&t=65s
Brent Haug (10 months ago)
Awesome enjoying with my students.
debbie Sheridan (10 months ago)
Really enjoyed this Tutorial, definitely will have a go now at loosening up my landscapes.
Leads The Fallen (11 months ago)
"paid the price for it" served 4 months haha
lots to learn......amazing video....
Jordan Groff (1 year ago)
I actually though the first one looked almost exactly like a Cezanne
Robert Palmer (1 year ago)
He was flirting with that blonde lady, right?
Ann Nee (1 year ago)
Robert Palmer Well, she was flirting with him... and he didn't seem to mind 😃
Rosa Selle (1 year ago)
Ich habe alle Folgen gesehen und das Grundprinzp verstanden und viel gelernt. Doch leider verstehe ich kein bzw. nur sehr wenig englisch, daher fehlen mir ihre Tipps die sie während des Videos geben. Danke für die Veröffentlichungen.
Daniel Braaten (2 years ago)
i don't care about those fuckers
Matthew Eyre (2 years ago)
They came across as the least experienced cohort but I feel this group did the best out of all the episodes.
Rue Asher Clinic (2 years ago)
Really engaging and enjoyable
Michael Flynn (2 years ago)
great show...inspirational
37BopCity 2017 (2 years ago)
This is total BS. Nobody can paint like Cezanne, except Cezanne. This guy pretends to be a "master forger" who can fake a Cezanne? Only really stupid people would buy a forgery, because the real thing is impossible to fake. He talks like he has figured it out, but he hasn't. This is just hobby painting for amateurs. To quote Picasso, "Cezanne was my one and only master, I studied him for years". The same with Matisse and many others. Why would Picasso say this? Because he knew how complex and technically difficult Cezanne's methods were. It's not just white mixed with colours and making grey tints-----it's way beyond that.
Ann Nee (1 year ago)
37BopCity 2017 Of course a Cezanne can be faked. Not by everybody, but a handful of people who get it and have a good hand.
Tane (2 years ago)
37BopCity art collectors arent just stupid rich people trying to buy prestige? I bet you couldn't discern between a real and fake
Shana molt (2 years ago)
I do I take a class??!!!!
jbird Perez (2 years ago)
such a beauty .. 14:42 thru 14:46 mmmmmm
Mike Fuller (2 years ago)
He was a Very Clever Man, Paul Cezanne ( 1839 - 1906 ). I am NOT an artist!
bugisami (2 years ago)
Great series. I could watch 100 episodes.
ROXANNE KEOMAKA (3 years ago)
I love your videos. I am going to copy these masters., remembering the style that made them grea
trewq fyuio (3 years ago)
Having little experience in painting is actually an advantage when it comes to semi-abstract styles, like Cezanne's or Braque's, for you are more likely to be free of academic realistic rules.
HappyToSing1 (3 years ago)
I like their paintings much better than the muddy cezanne!
Robert Giles (3 years ago)
I suggest you go fuck yourself.
HappyToSing1 (3 years ago)
I suggest you read Picasso's confession and Romans 1.18.
Robert Giles (3 years ago)
+happytosing1 People like crap over art any day. No surprise. Muddy thinking there, pal.
Row Deo (3 years ago)
wonderful series of art info. I have learned so much such as lub jelly for extending the time for paint and it will be much cheaper than art extender also house paint: I suspected that I could use it when I run out of my supplies. Nice show thank you.
flutejansson (3 years ago)
Of all the program in this GREAT series of programs this one is the most fun of them all. All the participants in it I would love to have as my private friends. The art student seems to be such a kind person, the lady that works with clay is so charming and fun. I would love to drink white wine and laugh away an evening with her. And finaly the cute tattoo guy has the most craziest British dialect that I have ever heard. I just love it! Anyone knows where they speak like that in Britain. I just have to go there and hear it again. Thanks to all four of you for making this such a great 30 minutes of joy!
MR PEEVES (1 year ago)
I bet James, the cute guy has a nice big cock. :)
Rob20 (3 years ago)
London England
Stanley Zucker (3 years ago)
The Forger is a terrific art teacher. I look forward to viewing his other videos.
Patricia Roshaven (3 years ago)
This format, with 3 art students and an accomplished instructor, is very informative. Thank you.
unamor (3 years ago)
I would buy the first contestant's work. Really beautiful, great job!
mishael aljuaid (3 years ago)
All of them did a great job
Robert Palmer (1 year ago)
the paintings all have a certain 3D quality and they implemented the bold marks!
Tommy Monje (3 years ago)
Does anyone know how many episodes were in each season and how many season's of this show exist?
gatt be (3 years ago)
Its a good example of ' THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES '
Salty Salley (3 years ago)
avoid being wishy washyyy.
TheDaveGH (3 years ago)
Nice, but I don't understand why he didn't mention: hold the brush further back, they hold it like a pen.
Karen Spooner (2 years ago)
TheDaveGH ..you hold it a distance for a fresh view and loose work ..most detail work is done holding near the ferrule.
NeccoWecco (3 years ago)
+TheDaveGH you can hold it by the ferrule
Revelation (3 years ago)
good marketing,very little instructions
Andrew Ross (3 years ago)
I don't Know about Paul Ceznne, but I am leaning
trewq fyuio (3 years ago)
+Andrew Ross Cézanne is a must know in painting. :)
Dave Thomas (3 years ago)
I love this stuff And I am from the US with no art background. I love the Britts gettu up and go. Well done . Get on with it. Carry on. On you go. Go on. Off you go. It's all about encouragement.
trewq fyuio (3 years ago)
+Dave Thomas Nothing to do with US or Brits.  When you see beauty, pick up the darn brush, and drop the nationality, for art's sake.
Carson Scott (3 years ago)
+Dave Thomas interesting observation, I wonder why that is
Ed Sherman (3 years ago)
Phillip Roberts (4 years ago)
Love Cezanne.... thought all three of the painters did a nice job!
Coy Hampton (4 years ago)
How long do you think you would have to let an oil painting dry before you poured cold coffee on it?
Coy Hampton (3 years ago)
@Matt Schwab Thanks!
Matt Schwab (3 years ago)
+Coy Hampton I'd wait 6 months or more. That's about how long you should wait to varnish a painting. Depending on the environment, it can take 9 months or a year even for the oxygen to be released from the oils to dry. That said, if you are in a rush, you probably won't muddy a painting if you do it 3-6 months. Like anything, test it out yourself!
M Hinch (3 years ago)
@Coy Hampton He says in other videos that he painted with household (trade) acrylics.
minky hughes (4 years ago)
loving the education im getting with regard to these famous artists and their backgrounds. Would love to have a go at some of these . really enjoyed the series - many thanks 
Mina Vita (4 years ago)
@minky hughes Go for it, minky! Painting is so unbelievably relaxing and will make you feel really good. Acrylic paints (much less hassle then oils) and ready-to-use canvasses don't have to cost much. Invest in a good set of brushes and a medium that will stop the paint drying to quickly. Then find a motive and just paint what you see and feel. Soon you will have walls full of amazing art. Get yourself ready for friend and family wanting a painting lol :-)
jimmy jimenez (4 years ago)
MR PEEVES (4 years ago)
James can wear his trousers anyway he wants. Bad day kinetics?
jnixa1010 (4 years ago)
When he was telling the story about Cezannes scandal of fathering a child with the model, he says they "threatened to cut off his allowance"  I thought he was going to say they "threatened to cut off his penis"!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAH
motshy me (4 years ago)
amazing love there paintings ,love cezanne3
Jennifer Padgett (4 years ago)
Their set up is a huge impediment. No modern plein air  painter would lug a studio easel across a field.  Their canvases are in full sun. And I also think oils would have worked better. 
Dominic (4 years ago)
@Jennifer Padgett  They are not plein air painters, they are on a show.  They have a crew to set up their easels and supplies.  I agree about oils being better but they don't have time for oils, the painting needs to be dried by the end of the show. 
Paulo_PlayHD (4 years ago)
foda-se aqui é br *-*
David (4 years ago)
Br empire no youtube
kineticpsi (5 years ago)
James needs to pull his pants up and learn how to use a belt correctly.
Robert Rhodes (9 months ago)
@Tane Is QuixoticQuaver a gammon?
Tane (2 years ago)
QuixoticQuaver are you a humorless
QuixoticQuaver (4 years ago)
@Nicklas4500 Are you a gay?
kineticpsi (5 years ago)
@Nicklas4500 I think that might violate YouTube's policies. But hey, I'm sure there is a website out there that could help you out with that. Why don't you give him a call?
Carl Schupbach (5 years ago)
Great paintings for all being the first try... I did not know Black Cold Coffee  =  Almost 100 years of aging painting.
Duncan Hewitt (5 years ago)
you can age paintings by using phenyl formaldehyde like van meeghran did and then baking in the oven for two hours
Dominic (5 years ago)
James is hot!!  
Connie H. (5 years ago)
I am enjoying all of the Forger's series. This one especially...I learned more from this one. (My first oil painting was a Cezanne.) though, I don't paint anything like him...this group of students were great.
Wait What (5 years ago)
If they are to make another series (which I would love to see) they should have John paint alongside the others as something to compare to, since the paintings from "the masters" aren't made using the same materials and time frame.
Carlos Zenteno (5 years ago)
Yes, I agree, watching him at the same time as the students would be fun!
Wait What (5 years ago)
Of course they wouldnt lend an original to him. But he has as much time as he wants to paint them, I would wanna see what he can do in the same time they have, even better if he didnt know who he was emulating before the others knew either.
Carlos Zenteno (5 years ago)
I think that the "masters" paintings that they try to emulate are painted by John.  He touches them a lot and he would not do that with a real original...
ArkhamInmateE32b (5 years ago)
They all did a really good job - (acryclics aside). It's amazing that they were able to do that in one day. And Cezanne is no slouch. That's seriously advanced stuff.
Namaste1001 (5 years ago)
ok thanks
ArkhamInmateE32b (5 years ago)
It's not what any of the master artists profiled in this series would have used. If you want to paint like them, you have to paint like they did. The overall effect is different when you have a medium that is almost quick dry and doesn't blend the same. You can't layer it the same. You can't rework it without painting over it in areas. It's just night and day. Like pen and marker.
Namaste1001 (5 years ago)
What is wrong with acrylics?
ArkhamInmateE32b (5 years ago)
Why are they using acrylics? It makes no sense!
Ann Nee (1 year ago)
ArkhamInmateE32b Dries quicker. Oil paint is more expensive and takes ages to dry. They're doing a tv show. They don't have the time. Plus it's not a bad material to paint with.
Catherine Push (5 years ago)
Time constraints
Brosky999 (5 years ago)
these people need to apply the paint. have fun and just try. that's what it's all about. just get into it and spread that paint on there. always try to enjoy what youre doing.
Andrej Praznik (5 years ago)
mrjules2008 (5 years ago)
jeez give him a break. like my dad i think with his middle class views towards tatoos. least he aint served time :)
Slick Gino Romano (5 years ago)
Don't be mad, they'd be doomed from the moment they open their paint box.
Slick Gino Romano (5 years ago)
Well if you include Myatt, it does sort of equal out. Even though he's the presenter.
Opinionated Maria (5 years ago)
I'm loving these videos and learning a lot. John Myatt, you're so enthusiastic. Many thanks.
raduneo (5 years ago)
Or Velasquez. :P With a painting that has to include reallistic skin, cloth, fur, silver and glass.
Life Simply Rocks (6 years ago)
Life Simply Rocks (6 years ago)
If you listen to the preview of every episode, he says everybody can learn to paint like the Masters. The idea is to understand and imitate the masters so that atleast 1% will stick to the current artists from the Masters' techniques and style. I think thats what we do in our every day life as well. Dont we try to cook the way our mom did?? It wouldnt help you look at your mom's recipe will it? I think its a great program and wonderful guide in every aspect. Pls keep'em coming. Mr.Myatt, thank u
twinket76 (6 years ago)
I agree..he's like the Gordon Ramsey of art or something.
ThisisRubbishlo (6 years ago)
Utterly awful. Not a fan of the presenters work. How he fooled the art world I will never understand.
Philip (6 years ago)
Not a bad theory.
user4931092322 (6 years ago)
I guess, so that there are as many men as there are women on the set (since the host is male)!
james spillane (6 years ago)
he has just studied the artists (alot) but as an artist he is terrible
Philip (6 years ago)
Why did every episode feature two women and one man?
mickavellian (6 years ago)
Acrylics are not as smooth as oils and require more "pulling" making it impossible to get smooth tonalities. There are specific additives for acrylics to remain moist but those do not soften brushstrokes. Imagine a Rembrandt portrait with acrylics. I used to use something similar to a KY jelly to smooth brush strokes but it was water soluble , but now a days they do make a water soluble KY Jelly. probably a lot cheaper than the additives I used to use.
mickavellian (6 years ago)
I would have given anything to have had a teacher like Myatt in my teens. It would've kept me interested in art not drift into music. Art came so very easily to me that my teachers acclaim just bored me regardless of the awards and accolades. Thirty years later I see this and remember how passionate (not GOOD just fearless) I was and how a lil bit of discipline and humility would've done wonders for my work. But ... there's always time :) Love this man. TV producers.. less cooking and more art!
Robert Gross (6 years ago)
I'm intrigued by Anybody who uses KY Jelly with their paint! So, is this used strictly as a glaze, I'm wondering, or as something to keep the paint 'open' so it doesn't dry so quickly?
Kasey OBrien (6 years ago)
these need to be in HD
Malsum (6 years ago)
Honest no-nonsense critique like mr Myatt't is really the only way to develope when you have reached a certain stage of craftsmanship. It's the way its done on a higher level of artistic education and it is not bullying - it's honesty!
Robin Webb (6 years ago)
These programmes are a bit of fun, quite informative in terms of art history & Mr Myatt's tips, but what's the real objective? Merely to show how clever he is at imitating the styles of others, compared to some amateurs / semi-pros? It's an uneven contest. He seems irritatingly strident & veers towards bullying / hectoring after you've seen a few of the episodes. It would have helped me to see a photo of the actual landscape or view the 'old master' was painting, to understand the style better.
Wenceslao Futanki (6 years ago)
nice frames
DAYBROK3 (6 years ago)
having looked at some of his early work, in reproduction of course, i would guess he was a better draftsman than he thought. i dont think i draw as well as people tell me i do.
Heron Martinez (6 years ago)
You are wrong Titian was a real master in drawing, there is no way to get paintings like Titian's without a strong drawing technique... There are a few drawings made by Titian and he was a grand master. I have the copies of those drawings.
mtb416 (6 years ago)
Pretty sure this is hosted by Pat Sajak's long lost half-brother.
Tim Ames (6 years ago)
Great, informative series. The comment about Cezanne's inability to draw and express himself is ridiculous.

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