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Paul Cezanne: 6 Minute Art History Video

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Learn about Paul Cezanne, one of the greatest painters of our time.
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willie otoole (2 months ago)
There is more arrant nonsense talked about Cezanne than any other painter in history. This six minute celebration of his alleged talents sounds pretty much like a fourth form essay from a girls' school. The simple truth is that poor old Cezanne could not draw and could not paint and his spurious fame derives from the fact that as photography became more accepted as a means of conveying reality, art had to find something that photography could not do. And that was to distort. So self proclaimed intellectuals like Stein spouted arty gobshite about Cezanne which the gullible swallowed hook, line and sinker as the gullible still do today. Was it Einstein who said, "I don't know which is the greater - the Universe or man's capacity for self delusion."
willie otoole (2 days ago)
@Misko 1023 I guess the differences I see are the same ones you see. Gauguin painted the human form with what you might call primitive elegance. His marble sculptures are superb. Cezanne painted it with a clumsy amateurish ignorance of anatomy that was both comic and repulsive. Cezanne's landscapes devoid of human form are for me unappealing. I agree with Lautrec who said, "The pure landscape painter is just crude"... although I believe Gauguin owned a Cezanne for a time.
Misko 1023 (7 days ago)
willie otoole what are the big differences you see from gauguin to Cézanne ? To me their styles are somewhat similar. Both have great use of bold color. Gauguin uses rounder flatter forms it seems. Love them both for sure. The painting Turning Road by Cézanne is just amazing...
willie otoole (8 days ago)
@Misko 1023 Hi Misko I was a free lance artist for a number of years in my distant past specializing in murals and large scale stuff. My favourite painter by far at that time was Lautrec for his vitality, wit and draftsmanship. My taste is comprehensive - from Alfred Wallis to Piero della Francesca but the painter I have grown to love more than any other is Gauguin who opened the door to what is callled Modern Art.
Misko 1023 (10 days ago)
willie otoole so are you a big fan of photorealistic painting then? Or who is a painter you enjoy? Ornwhat do you look for in a painting?
Ricardo Miguel (2 months ago)
Here comes Cezanne dudududu
Cloudfox Creations (7 months ago)
A great concise video on the works and history, Thanks for helping me with my homework. Much appreciated :)
GR Republic (8 months ago)
Doing Cezanne as part of my university course history and politics
NELSON X (8 months ago)
I am liking Cezanne more, but that painting "The Card Players" I don't get it. It's supposed to be so great but I don't see it.
Misko 1023 (10 days ago)
NELSON X what is it that you tend to be drawn to in a painting?
Renzo (10 months ago)
“Artists learned from Cézanne that color could alter the structure of an object.” Could you explain that by showing examples?
Robert Mather (1 year ago)
Thank you - short and to the point. Very well done. Many thanks.
paul bevan (1 year ago)
That was great, I really enjoyed it. Thanks- I need to see more of Cezanne !
Judith Lampariello (8 months ago)
I want to see visual artist

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