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Sirens  — The Interactive Film (2017) | Award Winning Short
[Desktop only for full movie] Winner of the 2017 Vista Project - Next Gen Cinema Contest Logline: A young man is asked by his fugitive brother to retrieve a mysterious bag. The contents of the bag could save his brother, and it might even save himself. Cast: Jackson — Chris Smith-McLen Rocky — Dawayne Jordan Officer Pullman — Ed Berkeley Officer Kirkwood — Josh Neal Marquee — Kevin Thibodeaux Shawn — Dominique Centers Crew: Director — Shane Murphy Producers — Victoria Thai, Michael Overby, Shane Murphy Director of Photography — Alden Tatum Assistant Camera — Matthew Emmanuel 2nd Assistant Camera — Dillon Killkenny Sound Mixing — Jason Travis, Zach Pereyra Sound Design — Jason Travis, Zach Pereyra Re-Recording Mixing — Jason Travis, Zach Pereyra Writers — Shane Murphy, Michael Overby Production Assistants — Lilliana Thadeo, Richard Guerra Music: Get Away With Murder — Chip Gnarley Up and Out — Anrae Smoke — Mubz Beats Happy End (Let's Hope) — Pollux Clouded — Mubz Beats Special Thanks to Devap Media Video Production, Spectrum Sound, Timeplay Technology, SMPTE, and everyone working on the Vista Project.
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The fear of missing out causes a need to seek recognition. The need for recognition causes a means by immediate gratification. Immediate gratification results in a loss of human interaction. Loss in human interaction increases the fear of missing out. And so the cycle continues. By Team Sisyphus Director/Editor: Shane Murphy Writer/Creator: Eunice Simbar Director of Photography: Jenna Wirick Technical Director: Justin Self Producer: Victoria Thai
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What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel?
Original short and music by Shane Murphy. An ode to Fred Rodgers.
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When a phone-enthused workaholic leaves for work, he takes an unexpected detour that changes his perspective on the world around him. A short film by Sisyphus Productions. Enjoy!
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STRIKE: A Voice In Time - The SFSU Strikes of 1968
A glimpse into the past as the School of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State fought for their recognition...
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The Mission [SF,CA] - A Postcard Project
BECA 546 - 01 Postcard Project 3/15/2015] A tribute to the Museum Scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubpRcZNJAnE Shane Murphy Shannon Conkling Erin Fellers Cameron Davis
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Shane Murphy - Demo Reel 2018
A highlight of Shane's portfolio as a writer, director, producer, and editor.
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Keep Dreaming
Original short and music composition by Shane Murphy
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This was my first video production back in high school. Jim is just an average Bad Luck Panda that faces an not-so-ordinary day.
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City of Dreams-San Francisco, CA
A montage of my skate one day in San Francisco. Filmed, edited, and cut in one day.
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A short film and original music by Shane Murphy
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One Step
"The Journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step." -Lao Tsu
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Shane Murphy - Voiceover Reel
Contact me for voiceover work! [email protected]
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A short film and original composition by yours truly. enjoy!
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