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The Forger's Masterclass - Ep. 1 - Edward Hopper
A Hopper landscape may look simple to copy, but the biggest challenge for the students is to bring a soulless landscape to life.
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The Forger's Masterclass - Ep. 2 - Andre Derain
Andre Derain's deceptively simple 'fauvist' style.
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The Forger's Masterclass - Ep. 03 - Vincent Van Gogh
Myatt's three students have to paint self portraits using the vibrant brush strokes of Van Gogh.
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Taurus Model 94 .22LR revolver reliability review
This is my first video review of a firearm - in this case a brand new Taurus Model 94 revolver chambered for .22 lr. I got this nice feeling and looking gun to serve as training aid for my EDC gun. Unfortunately, after about 100 rounds of 36gr Remington Golden Bullets through this little gun, the transfer bar decided to shear off and jam up the action. I am going to send this off to Taurus to see how their warranty repair service is. I have only ever dealt with S&W return department and it was a wonderful experience when I sent my S&W Sigma .40cal in for a trigger job. I hope Taurus stacks up favorably to that positive experience. I will update you all in with the outcome as soon as it comes out. Thanks for watching!
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Review of my Ruger LCP .380 ACP pistol
I absolutely love this tiny tack-driver. Ruger made a little gem when they produced this famously concealable pocket pistol chambered for the .380acp. Yes, it is pretty much a copy of the Kel-Tec 3-AT, but they made some refinements and ultimately both are nice firearms. I am very happy so far with the accuracy, feel, and reliability of this wonderful gun. If you haven't held one before, I urge you to check one out next time you visit your friendly neighborhood firearms dealer. Thanks for watching! And thanks for the comments! P.S. - I KNOW guns are never toys... I was using it in the sense of "man toys" like 4x4 trucks, chainsaws, and lawn darts. All of which also should be treated with respect and the utmost care and attention for safety at all times. I really didn't intend to suggest one takes a flippant attitude towards gun safety. Gun safety is no joke, and guns aren't toys.
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Snug as a derpy bug in a rug
Yuri gets so confused finding his way out of bed. So much derp!
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Hot wing vs. the hound
I’ve Never seen the pup eat so slowly and diligently as this! It was a close battle between the boneless hot wing and it’s hungry canine opponent, but in the end the hungry, furry foodie won this round. 😃
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Yuri playing derp-tag
Yuri is chasing the cunning laser Derp monster
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