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The Pick & Shovel
Get lost at The Pick & Shovel - Vermont's Wicked, Wonderful Not-So-General Store.
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Rusty DeWees "The Logger" - Deer Jacking
One of the greatest hunting stories, told by one of Vermont’s greatest storytellers. A classic that will make you laugh all the way home.
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Vermont Center for Responder Wellness
The Vermont Center for Responder Wellness is helping first responders overcome trauma. "These people that are supposed to be helping us... who helps them?" vtresponderwellness.com
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Heritage Ford - Bill James TV Spot
At 102 years old, Bill James of Bristol, VT is fed up with nasty used car salesmen. Good this there's the H-Team!
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UVM Baseball - Bring It Back
www.FriendsofUVMBaseball.com A concerned group from the UVM community have met and formed a committee to show their passion and and interest in baseball at the University.Their goals and objectives are: To support the UVM club team as it plays in the New England Club Baseball Association (NECBA) To support the return of high school baseball state championships to Centennial Field for the 2011 games (Completed). To keep baseball in the state of Vermont in the public forefront. To inform alumni, former players, parents and the university community of developments in bringing Division 1 baseball back to UVM.
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King Street Center - Web Video
Web video produced for King Street Center. kingstreetcenter.org
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Restore the Store - The Barnard General Store
The Barnard community is in need of help to restore their community hub, the Barnard General Store. www.FriendsofBGS.com
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Rebuilding Waterbury
A documentary about the destruction Hurricane Irene caused to Waterbury, Vermont and the surrounding communities. Heritage Automotive Group and the H-Team will match the first $10,000 of donations. Learn more and donate here: http://rebuildwaterbury.org/
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Bond Auto Parts Super Bowl Commercial: Epic Fix It
Bond's 2013 Super Bowl spot.
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Nokian - Entyre CS
Visit your local Nokian dealer and get set up with the right tires to keep your family safe. nokiantires.com
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H-Team: Zombie Price Commercial
The New Heritage H-Team Showroom will save you from "Car Shopping Zombification" www.heritagevt.com
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Lenny's Shoe and Apparel - Sasquatch Socks Extended
We caught the elusive Sasquatch... See what happened!
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Lenny's Shoe and Apparel - Lenny's VTeezy
Are you living the VTeezy lifestyle? All it takes is being ready for the fresh seasons that VT lays down each year, and there is no better way to do that than to sport the latest digs from Lenny's Shoe and Apparel! REPRAZENT!
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Heritage Ford - Old Farts Sequel
The Boys from Bristol are at it again! This time these cantankerous coots have attracted the attention of the law. Will the Old Farts be trapped behind bars or still able to ride the open range?
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Can you say "Nasty Old Used Car Salesman"?
"You Nasty Old Used Car Salesman!" Happy 104th Birthday to Old Fart Bill James.
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Guy's Farm and Yard - Family Tree Hemp Farm documentary
Learn about Family Tree Hemp Company at instagram.com/thisisfamilytree
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White River Toyota "Mini Pete"
Check out the sequel "Mini Pete 2"! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm-bj_O-ryY&list=UU1PGeXKww92U6VhnpV8uQxg&index=2&feature=plcp
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Monument Farms Dairy - "Fresh"
Learn more about the best tasting milk in Addison County at www.MonumentFarms.com
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Westaff Warehouse Kids
Westaff's integrity based testing can help save you from one bad employees spreading bad behaviors throughout the workplace. Because you never signed up to be a babysitter. Learn more at: www.westaffne.com
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Fearing a bathroom renovation is just as silly as a fear of puppets. Bath Fitter is your answer
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White River Toyota - Mini Pete 2
He's back...
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When Bad Employees Go Viral
When you are sick of working with this Guy, give Westaff a try! Westaff, matching great employees with great companies. Learn more at westaffne.com
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Guy's Farm and Yard - Plants Armstrong
Plants Armstrong calls a press conference to deny that he has been taking any performance enhancing chemicals. Is it all natural talent? Is it Guy's Farm and Yard?
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Twiggs of VT
Come to Twiggs Gastropub in the heart of downtown St. Albans for the best food you'll ever eat and the best service you could imagine.
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Lenny's Shoe and Apparel - Boots N Beer 2018
Join us to sample free beer and support a good cause! LennyShoe.com
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Vianor Extreme Service
Going to the extreme to provide the best possible service to our their customers, Vianor saves the day!
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Vianor - Nokian eNTYRE 2.0
The all-new Nokain eNTYRE 2.0. www.vianor.us
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Guy's Farm and Yard - Premature Pollination
Embarrassed by a limp stem or other signs of Premature Pollination? Even for Plants Armstrong, the former World Flowering Champion, everything isn't always coming up roses. Guy's Farm and Yard is the place you need to go for expert (and discreet) advice.
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Truckin' Tundra
Get the Truck outta here
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104.1 WMRQ - "Fish Birth" Commercial
David Fish was Born to do radio. Fish in the Morning. 104.1 WMRQ Connecticut's #1 alternative radio station.
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Guy’s Farm and Yard - Plants “Tomatoes” :30
Get your GROW on at Guy's Farm and Yard. Find everything you need to start your own "tomato" patch at your local Guy's store, or online at GuysFarmandYard.com
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Woman vs. Vacuum
Lisa "the Adjuster" takes on a vacuum cleaner
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Jordan Easley
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